Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Subzi - Hindi for Vegetables

Every Monday and Thursday the Subzi Wala (vegetable man) comes to my home. There are three of them, a husband and wife, Ramesh and Rohini. They do all the selling and the other guy does the money transaction.

This is what I purchased today, it only cost me 580 rupees. Which in Australian money would be $18.83.

This is what I bought
3 cucumbers, 1 cauliflower, 1 kg peas, 2kg tomatoes, 2 capsicums (red and yellow), 1kg beans, 250g mushrooms, 2kg potatoes, 2kg onions, 1 large bunch of coriander, 4 corn, 6 apples, 4 pomegranates, 6 lemons, 1 egg plant, 1 pineapple (peeled), 12 ladyfinger bananas, 6 garlic, 3 ginger.

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  1. How great to get fresh produce delivered right to your door. I guess its part of the whole 'Indian experience'...