Friday, February 6, 2009

The Trip to the Post Office - 3hrs later

Today I went to the post office to send Shante her birthday present.

3 hrs later I was heading home, exhasted and thirsty!

Here is what happened. Amelia and I headed out with our parcel and then caught a rickshaw to the post office, Amelia negotiated with them to see what we needed to do...............not being able to talk Hindi is a real draw back.

We needed to go to a dressmaker to get him to sew a cover for the parcel as they don't have parcel bags like in Australia. So off we went looking for someone. We finally found someone but he was at the post office doing his own So we waited about 15mins when someone at his shop gave him a call, he said he would be awhile and to come back.

So Emelia and I decided to go to Inorbit Mall to pick up bread (this is the only place that bake fresh and have bread regular size near us). While we were there I went to Cartridge World to re-ink my Dell cartridge............guess what you can't re-ink them and you cant even buy them here in India, even through Dell......agggghhhh!

So back into a rickshaw and back to the dressmaker.............he was there, so Emelia told him what we wanted and off to work he went. That is him in the picture.

After that we had to find a Xerox place to photo copy the paper work 3 times and then a stationery place to get a plastic sleeve to add to the parcel............a strange way to post a parcel.

Then is was back to the post office to wait in line again. Finally at the front of the line and Emelia once again does all the talking. We send it speed mail to get it there in 4 days (I wonder if that will happen), I pay my 767 rupees, which is $25 so I hope it does get there in 4 days.

Then we go a rickshaw.................tired and thirsty!
Here is the outfit I sent Shante for her 6th Birthday.

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  1. OK I will never complain again about going to my post office which incidentally is only a 5 minute drive away from my home...big grin! I know i have been complaining about the state of the road with all the pot holes and the fact they only open up in the afternoon but basically as for post office experiences you win!
    love the outfit you got your grandaughter.
    That's one thing good about India they do have beautiful clothes and jewellery...