Sunday, December 21, 2008

Day 1

Sunday after waking up was fun, Jason took us to the Oberi Mall and we had a look around at all the upmarket shopping. It was interesting the prices of things. Some where on par with Australia and some were just so expensive for the simplest of things. Like coat hangers, the price here was $10 AUD for 6, whereas in Australia you can get them for $3 AUD for 12.

We ate lunch which took awhile to choose because I wanted to eat everthing. Keira opted for KFC, she was hungry and couldnt wait to decifer all the choices. Beth and I had butter chicken and chicken rogan josh with roti. We also ate freshly made julabys (sorry about the spelling). They were magnificent.

We went back home after that as Keira was feeling unwell and Beth was just tired (jetlag I guess). Keira was sick most of the night throwing up and everything. We tried to get something for her at the chemist but they tried to sell us car travel sickeness We decided to trust God with her and prayed for her and monitored her all night. She got better as the night progress, all glory to God.

Beth has a sore ear as well, so more trust in God is required.

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