Friday, December 26, 2008

Look at me! Shopping

Every time I go out into public I get stared at by women everywhere. When Beth goes out, she gets stared at by all the young men.

My theory is that the young guys think that Beth is a movie star as she is obviously Indian but she is so white. White is prized here, it is so funny watching ads on TV, they have creams that are supposed to make you whiter!! I think that women stare at me because not many women here have light coloured hair.

So I have been here for a week now and I decided that if everyone is going to stare I would give them something to stare at. I went to the shops today with my trolley, partly because the trolleys are too short for me at the supermarket nearby, but also I wanted to get a few bottles of water and didn't want to carry them all by myself.

So here I am at the supermarket with my trolley and with Beth, so the stare factor was in full swing. People would stop dead in front of me and even touch the trolley. So I figure that eventually they will get used to me being there with or without my trolley!


  1. Cool, now you know why i married a white girl.seriously is;nt it good the way all the different cultures in Oz seem to work.

  2. am enjoying reading your adventures in India. - Are the girls going to go to school there are will you homeschool them again. Dont forget to post some photos.