Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dinner and Doctors

Today Beth was a little worse, her glands were swollen on both sides of her throat and she could hardly swallow, so we decided it was time to find a doctor for her.

Previous to us arriving, Jason had located a hospital that is highly regarded here in Mumbai. The Dr L Hiranandani Hospital at Powai. So we hired a private hire car to take us all there as we felt that Beth would not tolerate a rickshaw ride with the way she felt.

I made an appointment with a doctor for 2.30pm and decided to leave around 1.30pm just in case we were delayed. The ride usually takes 30 mins. It was good that we allowed the time as when we got to the hospital it took about 30mins to was more the language barrier and not knowing where to go. Straight after registering when went right in to see the doctor who was good, he prescribed some antibiotics and something for the pain and we were out of there. Then it was off to the chemist, another surprise there, they were so cheap, so much cheaper than Australia. Altogether with the consult with the doctor and the bill at the chemist it cost us 962 rupees, that converts to $29.50 AUD. If I had the same event happen in Darwin, It would have cost me $63 for the doctors and I would have got back $32 from Medicare, and then at the chemist it would have cost us $20 for the antibiotics and $3 for the other tablets. So the total would have been $54 AUD. So the difference was $24.50.

After the excursion to the doctors Jason and I went and did some Christmas shopping, then when we got home we went to dinner. There is a little restaurant called Machiou Pichiou that Jason found before I arrived. The food there is magnificent. Tonight we got dinner for 260 rupees which converts to $7.97. This meal included a 1 litre bottle of water and dessert, we had galub jarmuns. The meal consisted of rice, vegetable curry, dahl, raither and 2 buttered naans each. You would be hard pressed getting a meal that includes dessert and drinks in Australia for $8.

Welcome to Mumbai!


  1. very interesting debbie.we will be following with interest.keep it going.john

  2. your menu sounds like what we eat at our house - big grin. Experiencing the Indian culture must be great. I have always wanted to visit there. Hope you are going to buy lots of sari's and bangles and dont forget to wear your bindi - smile. Seen any bollywood being filmed yet. You will have to tell me how much it costs over there to get bollywood movies and maybe you could go into business importing them to OZ.. Rishi will be your first customer - big grin!