Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dogs, horns, the 14th floor and bananas

The incessant tooting of the horns and the barking of the dogs is manageable on the 14th floor, I am so glad we are up as high as we are.

It is amazing when you are in traffic, everyone is tooting everyone. Unlike Australia when you toot your horn to warn people that they are about to do something wrong here in India they toot there horn to let people know they are there.

In the next couple of days I will post a short video of a trip in traffic............lol. It sure can be an adventure/scary ride.

Also last night I think a dog got hit in traffic or was being eaten...........:-) He was barking then yelping and yelping, it was nothing like you have ever heard.

We also did some shopping yesterday, that was an experience. For one, the food you are so used to is in the International section and it is very costly. So you look for a local equivalent...........lol. Some foods are similar but not quite the same, like yoghurt, there is lots of plain yoghurt but if you want flavoured I have only been able to find strawberry or mango. It is not the same, it is like they baby yoghurt in Australia.

I also bought some fruit and veggies. Most things were well priced but I wanted some pears and as they were imported were so expensive. They were 5 times the price of say the bananas. Bananas here were 14 rupees per kilo. That equates to about 45 cents a kilo............so much better than Darwin. I wont feel guilty eating bananas here........lol

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