Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Juhu Beach

Jason, Beth Keira and I went out to dinner with John (Jason's boss) on Tuesday night. We went to a little restaurant in Juhu. It was an Italian restaurant, Keira had pizza and Jason and Beth had chicken. I had a lovely dish, eye fillet of beef, yummy!
After dinner we went to the a coffee shop next door, it was lovely there too! These two restaurants had the whole western thing going.............the best I have experienced so far. In the coffee shop they had smoking pipes, well bongs with tobacco in them. Freaked the girls out at first, but when we explained it to them they had a good laugh. We had great desserts, way too sweet for any ones good.

After dinner and dessert we wished John goodbye and went for a walk along the beach. It is amazing the lifestyle here, very much like Darwin. Everything seems to happen at night.

There were so many people down the beach, doing all sorts of things. They were selling vegetables, hot food and lots of toys and jewellery. One of the things happening I'm not to sure about. In the picture to the left you can see a guy standing in front of a contraption. Contraption is the correct word I think, people where putting it on their head and listening to something, all the while the lights were flashing. There was another contraption, a scale attached to a computer, also with lights. Not sure but I think some famous person was telling them how much they weights and some other stuff. People using them where laughing very hard.

We had a great time, then we caught two rickshaws home.

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