Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just For John

We attended church this morning in a place called Powai. The churches name is "The Church at Powai". Fairly simple hey!

I was better than a few other places we have been and I think it will become our home church while here in Mumbai. It takes us about 20-25 mins to get there by rickshaw. They have a youth group that the girls will check out over the next couple of weeks.

After church we went for lunch at KFC will all the other expats that attend the church, some work with Jason but not all. One guy has just started lecturing at IIT, which is like a uni, here I think anyway. Beth and Keira then went shopping with Ester, Krista and one other girl, cant remember her name right now. They were taking them clothes shopping and educating them how to barter.

After the girls left Jason and I went for a stroll around Powai. Powai is a planned suburb here in Mumbai so there is a little order to it compared with the rest of Mumbai anyway.

Papa Johns
While walking we found a little pizza restaurant that John will appreciate, cause this is the name the girls used to call him when they were little. Jason and I had a laugh about its name.

You will notice the pictures show both the english name and the name in Hindi. Might have lunch there next time we are in Powai and see if they are any good.

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