Friday, January 9, 2009

Culture Shock

Well haven't been on for awhile, we have only just got the Internet back on. It took awhile, like most things over here it's not what you know, but who you know. You can walk up to a shop and try and order something. For one you have to be able to speak Hindi, or some other version of English, Australian English is difficult for most about speaking too fast, and that's Jason and I, not the speedy talkers Beth and Keira, they just don't understand them at all. So unless you have someone who can help you or you can work out how much to bribe them you usually do it in vain.

Nothing in this country is like anything in Australia, although the people are very friendly toward you. .....So we need to buy a mattress, but you can't just go to a shop that sells mattress', you have to find a store that might sell other stuff too, or we could go to Hypercity which is very much like a Super Kmart (for those old enough to remember them). But they don't have all their stock on display, one the middle of the range, maybe! Maybe. This is just one example of how hard it is to get things done. Jason says that India has a complicator machine, you put a simple request in one end and a complicated problem comes out the

Enough whinging though, there are great aspects here. Some of which I will write about over the coming days, now that I am back.

But finally we went to see Australia the other night with the girls at the Hub Mall which is directly in from of my apartments. There was about 20 of us in was so funny, we laughed at places that no one else laughed at, partly because it was Aussie humor, but also because as a family we have an understanding of the way the northern territory works, even if is was set back during the war, it seems a lot hasn't changed up there in Darwin and the outback.

We also saw a Hindi movie about a week ago, a big blockbuster called Ghangini. It was 3 hrs long and was a cross between Momento the movie and a bollywood musical. Even though it was supposed to be a thriller they were able to get in their dancing

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